Organizational Readiness Assessment

The Organizational Readiness Assessment tool is designed to quickly gauge your organization’s current performance with respect to sustainability. It is used at the start of PIK Sustainable’s life cycle of engagement to help identify:

Organizational assets that are foundational for sustainability-driven change.

Organizational gaps that need to be closed to achieve sustainability.

Lingering or newly revealed questions about an organization’s sustainability performance.

These are in turn used to help construct a preliminary sustainability roadmap to build capacity and close gaps. This assessment applies the principles of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD)–to provide clarity to the question:

What would an organization that is taking a leadership role in sustainability (i.e. genuinely moving towards compliance with the Principles of Sustainability) look like?

For more information on how to undergo an Organizational Readiness Assessment using FSSD, please contact PIK!

S-CORE: Sustainability – Competency,  Opportunity, Reporting & Evaluation

S-CORE™ is a comprehensive yet comparatively streamlined quick sustainability assessment tool. S-CORE provides a structured and very flexible approach to gauge an organization’s current sustainability and identify new opportunities for continued progress.

S-CORE™ was originally published in The Business Guide to Sustainability, an excellent guide for tools and strategies to cultivate organizational capacity and improve sustainability performance. PIK has adapted S-CORE to be facilitated remotely using a custom survey tool and webinar-style video conferencing.

For more information on how to initiate your S-CORE Sustainability Assessment, please contact PIK!

Future-Fit Business Benchmark

While the ORA and S-CORE tools can be used to conduct holistic yet streamlined sustainability assessments, the Future-Fit Business Benchmark is ideal for long-term strategic sustainability planning.

Future-Fit incorporates the well-established science of the FSSD and builds upon decades of real-world applications to organizational capacity building, change, and continual improvement in communities, corporations, and governments around the world. As with FSSD, Future-Fit places emphasis on visioning and backcasting from sustainability principles.

But, what sets Future-Fit apart from other triple bottom line oriented frameworks, assessments, and rating systems is its alignment with “strong sustainability” principles that guide business to operate within the “safe operating space” or planetary boundaries of the earth. In addition, Future-Fit features a structure with clearly defined sustainability goals:

Future-Fit provides a clear break-even point across 23 extra-financial “Break-Even Goals” that any company must reach to ensure it adheres to the system conditions for sustainability. It subsequently lays out 23 Positive Pursuits that go above and beyond the break-even point to accelerate society’s transition to future-fitness.

PIK’s stepwise approach to future-fitness:

Future-Fit Introduction & Data Gap Analysis

Company Health Check

Workshop 1: Break-Even Goal Prioritization

Workshop 2: Break-Even Goal Deep Dive

Measuring Progress toward Break-Even Goals using the Future-Fit Progress Calculator (in 3- parts):

Main Calculator: Break-Even Goals BE01 – BE03, and BE05 – BE22

Procurement Calculator: Break-Even Goal BE04

Financial Assets Calculator: Break-Even Goal BE23

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