Initial Consultation

PIK Sustainability Consulting provides a full range of strategic consulting services designed to build the necessary capacity to successfully transition toward and maintain a sustainable management approach.

PIK’s service life cycle begins with an initial consultation to gather information necessary for a “DEEP”-er systematic and science-based approach to sustainability:

  • Discover:  Owner/Operator interview & facility walk-through to understand business philosophy, assess operations, and identify key challenges/areas for improvement
  • Evaluate:  Organizational systems and capacity for implementing sustainable solutions
  • Estimate:  ROI of prospective sustainability measures
  • Propose:  A vision and plan for implementing sustainability projects to develop a systematic approach to sustainable management

A summary report is provided as a follow-up to determine a mutual match between client needs/goals and offerings from PIK’s range of services. Engagement for specific projects, and long-term advising on organizational sustainability management is offered on a project basis.

Comprehensive Sustainability Consulting


Please contact PIK to discuss your specific needs or, if you’re ready to get started, simply complete this short questionnaire.