Organizational Readiness Assessment

PIK’s life cycle of services begins with an evaluation conducted via remote interview and survey-based assessment. Founded on the science-based principles and proven practice of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, the Organizational Readiness Assessment will ensure that you are well prepared to launch the next phase in your sustainability journey.

  • The ORA for sustainability is based on the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD).
  • The streamlined intake process consists of a survey founded upon sustainability science for organizational change.
  • The ORA gathers essential information about your business needs, capacity, and goals as pertain to sustainability.
  • It comprises an essential first step in PIK’s engagement and will prepare you for the Sustainability Roadmap to guide long-term strategic sustainability planning and implementation.

For more information on how to undergo an Organizational Readiness Assessment using FSSD, please contact PIK!