You’re probably familiar with net metering for solar PV. Simply put, it’s a metering and billing arrangement to compensate consumers for renewable energy they supply to the grid. A PV system at your home or business is designed to meet your energy needs. But, if it delivers more clean energy to the grid than you consume, you would receive a credit.

CO2NSCIOUS takes a similar approach with CO2 recovery and reuse.

With CO2NSCIOUS, a state-of-the art CO2 recovery system would be installed and operated at your business by PIK. A participating brewery, winery, or distillery could capture up to 80% of their direct-to-air fermentation emissions. They would have the option to purchase a portion of the CO2 recovered to supplement their industrial CO2 supply. The remaining CO2 would be sold to network members or to the open market.

  • Craft breweries and wineries would enjoy increased CO2 self-sufficiency.
  • CO2 generators like these would simultaneously reduce their direct-to-air emissions and dependency on industrial CO2, a byproduct of Ammonia manufacturing.
  • Distilleries and other CO2 generators that don’t require CO2 feedstocks in their manufacturing processes would reduce direct-to-air emissions and enjoy a significant passive revenue stream through CO2 sales.
  • Cannabis cultivations would gain a locally sourced, purer, biogenic supply of bulk CO2.
  • All CO2 generators would have the opportunity to purchase their recovery systems at the end of the term.

CO2NSCIOUS offers a path to CO2 self-sufficiency, passive income, and climate-positive emissions.