PIK Sustainable

Power In Knowledge

Who Decides What’s Good?

PIK Sustainable LLC began with the realization that sustainability requires desire, to think and act differently; vision, to choose a new direction; knowledge, to base actions upon scientific, social, and economic realities; and commitment — a steadfast commitment to the long term.

The reality is that the global economy is operating an ecological deficit that will only worsen as population growth and economic development further stress an already overburdened ecosystem. In other words, sustainability is not a passing fad, it’s a necessity. We can either join the movement for change, or be left behind.

PIK Sustainable LLC seeks to inspire and enable solutions that can meet the incredible challenges we face by providing the necessary tools for sustainable choice. Our comprehensive consulting services can help you capture the low-hanging fruit of energy, water, and resource efficiency toward developing a long-term systematic approach to sustainability. Through an iterative process of assessment, strategic planning, measurement and verification, PIK Sustainable LLC can help you confidently implement practices that improve bottom-line performance while enhancing social and environmental wellbeing.

PIK stands for Power In Knowledge. Whether an organization is advanced in its practice of sustainability or just beginning, PIK will supply actionable data, technical knowhow, and real-world options for success.

With PIK, you decide what’s right for your organization to succeed sustainably.