PIK stands for Power In Knowledge. Whether your organization is well along its sustainability journey or just starting out, PIK will supply actionable data, technical knowhow, and real-world options to empower your success.

PIK Sustainable began with the realization that sustainability requires more than awareness of and action on single issues, even climate change. In fact, climate change is just one of number of global sustainability challenges we face. Along with a host of other social and planetary boundaries, it is an indication that humanity is exceeding the capacity of the social, economic, and ecological systems of our planet.

Source: Future-Fit Business Benchmark based on Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth, 2017.

The reality is that the global economy is operating at an ecological deficit that will only worsen as population growth and economic development further stress an already overburdened ecosystem. In other words, sustainability is not an option, it’s a necessity, and businesses can and must help lead the way toward a truly sustainable future.

PIK Sustainable seeks to inspire and implement solutions that can meet the incredible challenges we face by providing the necessary tools for organizations to thrive sustainably. Founded on the science-based principles of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, PIK Sustainable’s approach employs cutting-edge tools in an iterative process of assessment, strategic planning, measurement and verification. PIK Sustainable will help you confidently implement practices that enhance social and environmental wellbeing while improving the bottom-line of your business.

Let PIK be your guide to succeed sustainably.

Bill Germain, Founder and Principal of PIK Sustainable LLC