“Working with PIK was an incredibly insightful experience. Bill Germain’s obvious knowledge of sustainability and his breadth of experience gave our business a different lens to look through when critically assessing our sustainability efforts. The ORA process helped us confirm strengths as well as identify multiple shortcomings. One of the aspects we are currently addressing is the need to integrate more closely with third-party sustainability certifications such as Green Restaurant Association’s Certified Green Restaurant program.”

“By placing our business under Bill’s detail oriented microscope, we have been able to clarify our unique values and needs as a business and integrate them seamlessly with science-based principles for sustainability to create a strong game plan for continual improvement and future advancement. Thank you to the PIK team and Bill Germain for showing us a greener future.”

– Jeff Rogoff, Owner SAZZA

“Beginning in 2018 as Social Enterprise Analyst at Eco-Cycle Inc., and currently as a consultant at PIK Sustainable LLC, Bill has played a key role in stewarding the ongoing development of our national recycling grant program, the Crush it Crusade. Bill’s expertise in recycling, Zero Waste, Circular Economy, and sustainability are complemented by a proven project management skill set.”

“I truly cannot recommend Bill’s consulting and project management services at PIK Sustainable LLC enough. Since 2018, he has been integral to the growth and increased impact of our Crush it Crusade program. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and responsive to the needs of our many grant recipients, and our entire Can’d Aid team.”

– Alyssa Lile, Director of Programs, Can’d Aid

“Bill and his company have been a contributing member to the Denver Cannabis Sustainability Workgroup of which I chair for the last few years. Every item, document, or piece of work (as a volunteer mind you!) has exceeded my expectations. His company is an expert in the field of CO2 distribution and sustainable operation of cannabis cultivations; his work has always reflected this.”

“Additionally, I send leads to Bill through my work with 100s of cannabis cultivators in the Denver area and beyond. I would not send a lead to someone I didn’t trust, as rapport is the main reason I am able to work with clients. I have only heard fantastic things from the folks I have introduced him to.”

– Jake Mitchell, Senior Consultant, Resource Innovations