Program Facilitation: Can’d Aid Crush it Crusade National Recycling Grant Program

The Longmont-based charitable foundation, Can’d Aid, has engaged PIK as an independent contractor its Crush it Crusade national recycling grant program. This rolling grant program is designed to help diverse organizations–from non-profit and for-profit businesses to municipal and state governments–launch or expand recycling through grants for equipment, signage, training and seed funding. This project is currently underway. Visit Can’d Aid for more information on the Crush it Crusade!

Database Development and Stakeholder Engagement: City of Boulder Climate Initiatives

A multi-year database development project on behalf of the City of Boulder office of Climate Initiatives. Boulder-based non-profit recycler, Eco-Cycle, has engaged PIK to create a framework to update the city’s records on recycling, compost, and trash services at multi-family complexes within the city’s boundaries. The objective is to ensure that all 1700+ multi-family residences in Boulder have the required services, signage, and training to support the city’s 85% diversion goal. The project is currently underway and scheduled to conclude in December of 2022.