PIK Introduces CO2NSCIOUS a new subscription service for CO2 capture and reuse

With an affordable annual subscription and 5-year commitment:

  • Breweries can start capturing and reusing CO2 at 1/3 cost of financing
  • Cultivators can reduce CO2 costs and improve the quality of their product
  • Composters can produce nutrient-rich feedstocks for high-quality soil amendments from cannabis discards, and…
  • Farmers can use those amendments in regenerative agriculture practices that improve soil health and sequester carbon while enabling them them to monetize their stewardship.
  • Revenue share on CO2 sales helps keep subscriber costs low.

CO2NSCIOUS is a truly Sustainable Circular Economy Solution.

PIK Completes Menu-Focused Sustainability Visualization for Sazza

PIK is pleased to announce the launch an interactive menu on Sazza’s new website. Sazza is a Denver restaurant known for making some of the region’s best gourmet pizzas and salads using the finest local, organic, and natural ingredients. The Ingredients page uses data visualization to bring Sazza’s steadfast commitment to local, organic, and sustainably sourced food to life: website visitors can explore the many wonderful ingredients that comprise Sazza’s delicious menu. It’s a fun hands-on way to learn more about Sazza’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

Please contact PIK for more details on how data visualization can support your organization’s operations-both internally and externally-and how a customized visualization strategy can help your business succeed sustainably!

PIK Develops Sustainability Roadmap for Sazza

Based in Greenwood Village, CO, Sazza is a restaurant known for making some of the region’s best gourmet pizzas and salads using the finest local, organic, and natural ingredients. It’s also known for it’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. PIK is pleased to announce Sazza recent completion of the 2-month Organizational Readiness Assessment (ORA), a roadmap for sustainable management….(more)

PIK to conduct Life Cycle Assessment on Local Biodiesel

LEED for Commercial Interiors Project, BCCI Construction SF Office Build Out (project # 1000012032), completed November 5, 2013.

In the fall of 2013, I served as an environmental advisor during the design phase of the LEED for Commercial Interiors project, BCCI Construction SF Office build out (project #: 1000012032). Through my active involvement in this project, which included the completion of calculations for multiple LEED credits, I gained essential experience with the LEED process that will allow me to contribute effectively to future LEED projects. My specific contributions to the completion of the BCCI Construction SF Office build out project cover the following credit categories:

  • SS Credit 1, Option G, Water Efficient Irrigation – Reduced Potable Water Consumption
  • WE Credit 1 – Water Use Reduction
  • EA Credit 1.1 – Optimize Energy Performance, Lighting Power
  • EA Credit 1.3 – Optimize Energy Performance, HVAC, Option B
  • EA Credit 4 – Green Power
  • MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content
  • EQ Credit 8 – Daylight