Eco-Cycle Engages with PIK to Develop Shared Database for Zero Waste at Multifamily Properties in the City of Boulder – December 1, 2021

Guest Commentary: How biodiesel could help Volkswagen move forward – Denver Post, October 12, 2015

PIK Completes Sustainability Roadmap for Sazza – August 11, 2015

PIK Selected as 3rd Place Winner in Spring 2015 LEADING EDGE Business Planning Competition — April 30, 2015

PIK Sustainable LLC’s startup business plan was selected by EKS&H tax consultants, Wells Fargo, and the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center as a 3rd place winner in the Spring 2015 LEADING EDGE Business Planning Competition! This formal recognition of PIK’s planning efforts by LEADING EDGE program sponsors is extremely encouraging. I am honored to have received this award and will be sure to utilize the cash prize and year of free access to SBDC’s consulting resources to support the successful implementation of PIK’s development plan.

PIK to conduct Life Cycle Assessment on Local Biodiesel

Introducing the ORA for sustainability

Whether you are interested in learning more about how sustainability can support your business, or have already begun the journey and want to delve deeper into theory and practice, the Organizational Readiness Assessment (ORA) is an excellent next step:
  • The ORA for sustainability is based on the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD).
  • The ORA objective is to develop a clear understanding of an organization’s current performance in critical areas (e.g. governance, people, operations, products, and voice) and to identify strategic initiatives for next steps in its sustainability journey.
  • The 6-week ORA process consists of targeted surveys and interviews with key personnel, group exercises, and a summary of findings.
  • The ORA provides a solid foundation for long-term sustainability planning and implementation.
Please inquire at the PIK contact page for more information!