CO2NSCIOUS: a System for Sustainable CO2 Capture and Reuse in the Craft Brewing and Cannabis Sectors

With an affordable annual subscription and 3-to-5-year commitment:

  • Breweries can capture and reuse CO2 at a fraction cost of financing
  • Cultivators can reduce CO2 costs and improve the quality of their product
  • Composters can produce nutrient-rich feedstocks for high-quality soil amendments from cannabis discards, and…
  • Farmers can use those amendments in regenerative agriculture practices that improve soil health and sequester carbon while enabling them them to monetize their stewardship
  • A revenue share on CO2 sales helps keep subscriber costs low

CO2NSCIOUS is a truly Sustainable Circular Economy Solution. This project is currently under development. To learn more, see the CO2NSCIOUS project page and stay tuned for updates in our blog!

Data Visualization and Analysis: Eco-Cycle’s Community Carbon Farming Project

We’ll soon have details on this exciting update to Eco-Cycle’s multi-year citizen science project supporting carbon sequestration by healthy soils in and around Boulder, CO.