PIK Enables Sustainability

PIK Sustainable LLC envisions a future in which business has become a force for good where triple-bottom-line benefits accrue equitably to people, our planet, and our economy. The current business paradigm for maximizing profit, which generates great wealth for an inordinate few while imposing heavy costs on both human and natural capital, will have been replaced by a truly sustainable business model. This model will be values-driven; it will recognize the nested interdependencies of economy, society, and ecosystems at local, regional, and global levels, and function according to principles that ensure both current and future generations can flourish within the carrying capacity of our planet.

PIK’s mission is to fully integrate science-based principles for ecological sustainability into the services and products it provides and its own operations. PIK seeks to inspire and enable solutions that meet the incredible challenges we face as a society by empowering businesses with the necessary information, tools, and organizational capacity for sustainable management.