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Archives October 2015

PIK Completes Life Cycle Assessment for Denver Biodiesel Cooperative

PIK is pleased to announce the completion of its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) project on Biodiesel for the Denver Biodiesel Cooperative (DBC). Based in Denver, CO, DBC is committed to making biodiesel available to passenger vehicles in Colorado and to increasing knowledge and awareness of biodiesel in the community. Because it employs a comprehensive life cycle perspective to scientifically evaluate the environmental dimension of sustainability, LCA was deemed uniquely suited to fulfill the objectives of this project: to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental impacts that occur throughout the “cradle to grave” life cycle of a gallon of biodiesel, produced from waste vegetable oil (WVO) collected by the DBC. PIK completed this LCA project utilizing world-leading life cycle assessment software (SimaPro) following ISO methodology (International Organization for Standardization) and with guidance from EarthShift Inc.

Upon reviewing the LCA, DBC expressed its plans to act on the report’s findings to further improve its WVO collection and biodiesel distribution processes. It is our expectation that the results will serve as a valuable guide as DBC continues to serve its members and educate the public about the many benefits of this renewable fuel.

Please contact PIK for more details about the LCA process and how a targeted LCA study can help your organization obtain valuable insight into its products and processes, to better inform your sustainability strategy, and gain competitive advantage by succeeding sustainably.