Denver Biodiesel Cooperative (DBC) engages Denver based sustainable business consultancy, PIK Sustainable LLC (PIK), to Conduct Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on Biodiesel – March 16, 2015

Utilizing world leading LCA software in compliance with ISO methodology (International Organization for Standardization), PIK will conduct a detailed investigation into the activities in the life cycle of a gallon of biodiesel, produced from waste vegetable oil (WVO) collected by the Denver Biodiesel Cooperative. The objective of this project is to determine which activities in the product life cycle contribute the most to the environmental impact associated with this renewable fuel.

While this study is primarily concerned with accounting for the environmental impact of biodiesel using the DBC model, it will also seek to describe some change-oriented consequences of shifting from biodiesel derived from Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) to WVO-derived biodiesel produced entirely in the state of Colorado. The DBC LCA project results are anticipated in early summer, 2015.

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DBC distributes ASTM certified biodiesel fuel at cost (usually made from Waste Vegetable Oil feedstock). DBC is committed to making biodiesel available to passenger vehicles in Colorado. It is increasingly difficult to find B100 at retail gas stations and we measure success in gallons of petroleum diesel offset.

Denver Biodiesel is always looking to increase knowledge and awareness of biodiesel in our community. Members are rewarded for their participation—attending fairs, presenting at schools, signing up restaurants, or collecting oil—with fuel credits to purchase biodiesel from DBC.

About PIK Sustainable LLC

Based in Denver, CO, PIK Sustainable LLC is a consultancy that provides professional services to Colorado’s business community. PIK Sustainable LLC’s services include sustainability assessments, strategic planning, project management, reporting, communication, and product development.

PIK stands for Power In Knowledge. Whether an organization is advanced in its practice of sustainability or just beginning, PIK will supply data-driven knowledge, technical knowhow, and real-world options for success. With PIK, you decide what’s right for your organization to succeed sustainably.